Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand

1 03 2013

A Kalkbrenner classic from the album ‘Berlin Calling – The Soundtrack’. He’s playing at the Roundhouse in London on the 29th of March which I’m extremely looking forward to – tickets are sold out as expected but if you have the clams to burn they are available from

The film ‘Berlin Calling’ can be seen for free by Google-izing ‘Let me watch this Berlin Calling’ and following the links through to Putlocker or by clicking on the following link I’m yet to find a version with English subtitles although you can easily get the gist of what’s going on without knowing any German.



2 responses

1 03 2013

Amazing Song. Best of all time in my opinion. PK.

4 03 2013

You’re right! Hold your horses though Burton – is it mere coincidence that your initials are PK? If you are Mr. Paul Kalkbrenner himself I shall see your shiny bald head at the Roundhouse on the 29th! Fancy setting me a couple of free tickets?

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