Successful Alcoholics by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

19 08 2013

After a few weeks of deep beats and dark bars, I felt the Chive needed a bit of perking up. This little bit of light relief has manifested itself in the form of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’, Successful Alcoholics. This film is truly hilarious! The two leads played by TJ Miller and Lizzy Caplan really shine and as an audience you not only side with them but almost too believe that alcoholism could in the right circumstances, be a viable way of living. Eccentric and jocular, bizarre but brilliant, crack open a nice cold alcoholic beverage and enjoy this convivial cinematic experience.



A Family Portrait by Joseph Pierce

29 07 2013

This short attracted me firstly because of its quality but also because of its content. The family we are presented reminded me of many families at my school. Happy in exterior, yet lonely in interior.  A family portrait that unravels and reveals the murky troubles that riddles many families. Pierce’s exaggerated grotesque animation severs the cloak that all families must wear when placed under the scrutiny of the social spotlight. The idea of a family portrait is to emit a safety, to create a façade, a character that delivers, much like a fairytale or cheery musical. However, this is not reality, we see the truth, we see a portrait that is already cracked, we see a family that is fractured and split.

Pierce is a fantastic film-maker, his other shorts “The Pub” and “Stand up” too are outstanding. More analysis of his work in the not too distant future.


family port

The Hiccup by Matt Smukler

3 06 2013

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of video content on the ArtChive, however normal consistent blogging shall now resume.

What a fantastic film in The Hiccup to kick us back off. Extravagant, absurd, hilarious, be prepared to laugh and squirm. The Hiccup produces the surreal in the most normal of instants creating the elaborate and the extraordinary, a short that will make you ask the question “what am I watching?” Twisted, yet awkward, both fantastical and hysterical the Hiccup will truly entertain.



Ellington Kid by Dan Sully

2 04 2013

A thrilling, black comedy that for 4 minutes will have you gripped. Gritty and inventive you are transported to a London Kebab shop to observe a modern battlefield, layered in knives, burgers and blood. Hilarious and dark, you watch a truly stylish and captivating piece of work that tickles both ends of the emotional spectrum.