Mala – Alicia

7 04 2013

Having completely missed all but the encore of Mala’s set on Friday night, I felt it necessary to repay the dread-locked Londoner with a post on The ArtChive Project and a friendly ‘big-up’. Here’s an unreleased dubstep track from 2007 that you’ll find it difficult not to get lost in, heavily featuring samples from Alicia Keys’ ‘Feeling U, Feeling Me’.

Mala’s currently touring his new album ‘Mala in Cuba’, dates of which can be found here:




Flume – Ezra

21 03 2013

‘I felt like I was in space with Neil Armstrong smoking a blunt’.

As terrifying as it sounds, Flume’s self-titled debut album joined the lofty heights of One Direction and co. and reached #1 on the iTunes album charts. But Wait… Relax… Before you start speedily sliding your cursor towards the big X in the top right corner of your computer screen in a manic attempt to cleanse your soul, I’d suggest you listen to this album through, for it finds itself exquisitely balancing between the polar opposites of commercial success and underground substance.