Coldplay – Don’t Panic

30 05 2013

A subdued classic from back in the day when Coldplay had musical integrity. This song makes me warm inside – listening to the chorus is like taking a sip of creamy hot chocolate in the snow. Or downing half a bottle of Jack Daniels in an alleyway in Shoreditch.


White Hinterland – Icarus

15 03 2013

Today is the day that The Artchive Project is born into the Facebook community. Please welcome him with open arms and try not to abuse his untainted soul.The birth will be commemorated with a track of ethereal perfection from White Hinterland, a versatile duo from Massachusetts. The production is nothing short of genius and if embraced will have your mind melting into fluid waves of bliss and sinking into ecstasy.

Icarus was released on the 2010 album ‘Kairos’. A free download of the song can be found on the SoundCloud page.