Blue Sky Black Death – Shoot You Dead

7 07 2013

For all of you suffering from illnesses, hangovers or comedowns, just sit down relax and allow this lofty, silky track sooth you into relaxation. Allow the eerie sound echo; allow the whispering voice whirl in your mind. The space between the living and the dead.



Moby – Porcelain

27 05 2013

An introspective classic. ‘If this doesn’t move you, you probably have no pulse’.


Múm – Green Grass of Tunnel

18 03 2013

A song so delicate that you can’t press the play button too hard  for fear of it breaking. The voice is a gentle caress that strokes you with soft whispers, sitting above a warm cloud of ambient electronica. Think Cara Delevigne in sonic form.

White Hinterland – Icarus

15 03 2013

Today is the day that The Artchive Project is born into the Facebook community. Please welcome him with open arms and try not to abuse his untainted soul.The birth will be commemorated with a track of ethereal perfection from White Hinterland, a versatile duo from Massachusetts. The production is nothing short of genius and if embraced will have your mind melting into fluid waves of bliss and sinking into ecstasy.

Icarus was released on the 2010 album ‘Kairos’. A free download of the song can be found on the SoundCloud page.

Nicolas Jaar – Angles

8 03 2013

Nicolas Jaar’s music is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. I’d say it’s more of a wild Moroccan mint tea handpicked by Arabic nomads than your standard PG Tips with milk and two sugars. Though if given a chance, this song will have your musical taste buds watering and leave you completely satisfied with its minty freshness.

‘Space is Only Noise’, Nicolas Jaar’s debut album is full of unusual musical gems. Voted the best album of 2011 by Resident Advisor, it’s definitely worth a listen.