Parov Stelar – Chambermaid Swing

12 06 2013

After a great performance at “The Forum” showcasing his album “The Princess”, I felt obliged to post a Parov Stelar track. For more listings at the forum please see:

“Chambermaid Swing” impresses as we see an emulsion of classic smooth swing and grimy undertones, blended to craft a powerful, uplifting, song that just makes you want to get down and dance. The track seems to posses a sense of drama, gripping but simultaneously unshackling your body. There is a tension, a movement, an action. The song is willing you, persuading you to fall into its web of sultry swing, invading you body and mind, to relax and allow the music to take hold.

Parov band

Mozart – Clarinet Concerto: Adagio

24 04 2013

I know classical music is not everyone’s cup of rosy lee, but you may find that this brilliant concerto broadens your musical taste buds. Mozart creates textures of silk velvet and intricately balances harmony and phrasing whilst giving the appearance of effortless simplicity. With each listen, more subtlety and splendor will reveal itself.

mozart sassy