Jonas Mantey – Sie ist Schön

9 08 2013

For those who read the Artchive and realise that that tonight is the time. The weekend has come once again to explain what it is to enjoy music. So wherever you are heading just keep in mind that tonight will be divine. Don’t allow yourself to be confined but live life to the full, meet and greet all new potential people. Feel the rhythm, feel the beat and unleash onto the street sheer bliss. For this is when we are young and free and can be what we want to be. One bit of advice that I hope you will consider before you bundle out of your home, allow the music of Jonas Mantey to mesmersie and engulf you. Give in and allow it fill you to the brim, to surface undisturbed, to simmer. Then relinquish your insecruties, unshackle your inadequacies and enter the night for she is beautiful.


sie ist schon

NIcolas Jaar – Variations

1 07 2013

On these long, warm summer evenings I like to sit in my garden with a beer and a cigarette, listening to some more downbeat tracks. The perfect artist to come to mind is the exciting Nicolas Jaar. The album “Space is only Noice” is a incredible experience, haunting and beautiful, Jaar takes you on a slow, whimsical voyage, simultaneously unnerving yet comforting, with his interesting combinations of sound. The song “Variations” is one of a handful of amazing tracks, on this truly complete album. To view more of Nicolas Jaar check this:


Nic j vari


Caterpillar by David Field

21 06 2013

This short will have you intrigued and gripped. You can see why is has been so successful; stunning in cinematography, thought provoking thematically and eerie in presentation. David Field has truly created a masterful work. The short can be targeted on multiple levels. The figure of the old woman is a figure of isolation and decay. Field seems to be alluding to the poor quality of life that many elderly people suffer from. Through her imagination and nostalgia the woman escapes her reality, shedding her “old skin” imagining herself as a younger more physically beautiful version of herself, from caterpillar to butterfly. What Field utilises so well is the pace of the short, the scenes have a real weighty quality, it is not rushed but delicate, giving plenty of breathing room for individual interpretation and thought. The slow pace reflects that of the old woman’s life, uneventful and stagnant. The story, setting and speed creates a meaningful, yet disconcerting short, targeting less exposed social issues.