Long Arm – When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix)

19 05 2013

Dark beats…



Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Karma Kid Re-Dub)

15 05 2013

Whilst on the Karma Kid theme, I thought it appropriate to share with you another of his re-dubbed gems. Stay classy San Diego.


Bon Iver – Towers (Karma Kid Re-dub)

15 05 2013

Huge apologies ArtChive followers for my lack of recent posts – I would say I’ve been busy but I’d be lying terribly. Anyhow, to recommence the chivy proceedings, here’s a deliciously mellow number with an electronic dressing and a side order of bass. Enjoy your meal.


Nightmares on Wax – Hear in Colour

8 04 2013

I’m on the roof of a high-rise apartment block in Manhattan, watching the swarms of taxi-cabs below scurry like little motorized ants down 2nd Avenue. The deep evening sun caresses me with gentle bursts of warmth. Above me rises the smoke from my freshly-lit Camel cigarette, waltzing delicately with the ebb and flow of the soft breeze.


Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut

4 04 2013

Highly creative, original and experimental, Flying Lotus is a true innovator of electronic music. This free-form jazz inspired track deviates between genres and cleverly uses edited vocal samples as soft sonic textures.

Released on his latest album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ on Warp Records.


Bonobo – Know You

3 04 2013

Yet another faultless track from one of England’s finest producers, taken from the new album ‘The North Borders’. The minimal vocal samples entering at 1:30 grip you with tenderness as they cut through the thick, layered sound-scape so distinct to Bonobo’s sound.

This album is a true masterpiece, naturally evolving from the magnificent his previous ‘Black Sands’ LP. It’s available on Ninja Tune records – please give it a listen!

Here’s the link to Bonobo’s tour dates: http://bonobomusic.com/tour



Ellington Kid by Dan Sully

2 04 2013

A thrilling, black comedy that for 4 minutes will have you gripped. Gritty and inventive you are transported to a London Kebab shop to observe a modern battlefield, layered in knives, burgers and blood. Hilarious and dark, you watch a truly stylish and captivating piece of work that tickles both ends of the emotional spectrum.