David Bowie – Life on Mars

20 06 2013


This song is just so brilliantly crafted, presenting the darker side of society. Bowie uses the allegory of the young girl as a perfect vulnerable mould for humanity, ostracised and manipulated, controlled and constrained, disappointed with reality. Bowie is a pioneer for individuality and creative expression, he reflects on how we are perceived and how we perceive others. Through this song he creates a commentary on how cruel the world can be and how potentially that if there is life on mars, is it better than this? The music video is unbelievably striking; the white, blank canvas presents us with this bold, extravert, almost cartoon figure. He stands there with his orange hair, turquoise suit and different colourer eyes, staring, speaking, demanding our attention, engaging us. This song and video is truly astonishing conveying exactly why Bowie is such an icon.

I would highly recommend the BBC documentary entitled, David Bowie – Five Years. Which can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0214tj1