Le Miroir by Antoine Tinguely and Laurent Fauchère

4 07 2013

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Who do you see? What will you be? “Le Miroir” shows us the evolution of life, conveying each step from child to adolescent, adolescent to adult and finally adult to elderly. The mirror becomes a portal for the audience as we intrude on the life of the “male”. The mirror does more than just physically present the male’s change. It acts as a narrative vehicle presenting the oscillating feelings of life, the male’s innocence, his romance, his anger, and his fragility. What is very interesting is actually how we view this male not through the mirror itself, but through a POV shot. The male becomes the “everyman” and thus we are the male. The short is “reflection” on the preciousness and finality of life and age, it exemplifies how we shall go through these changes and how ultimately we too, are always ticking towards our death. Interesting in presentation and slightly unnerving, this short makes us ponder our own individual selves, asking us to question, what will we be like in ten, twenty, sixty years time?



Caterpillar by David Field

21 06 2013

This short will have you intrigued and gripped. You can see why is has been so successful; stunning in cinematography, thought provoking thematically and eerie in presentation. David Field has truly created a masterful work. The short can be targeted on multiple levels. The figure of the old woman is a figure of isolation and decay. Field seems to be alluding to the poor quality of life that many elderly people suffer from. Through her imagination and nostalgia the woman escapes her reality, shedding her “old skin” imagining herself as a younger more physically beautiful version of herself, from caterpillar to butterfly. What Field utilises so well is the pace of the short, the scenes have a real weighty quality, it is not rushed but delicate, giving plenty of breathing room for individual interpretation and thought. The slow pace reflects that of the old woman’s life, uneventful and stagnant. The story, setting and speed creates a meaningful, yet disconcerting short, targeting less exposed social issues.