Artenvielfalt ft. Phable – Love Lines (Archive)

22 08 2013

arten llines

HVOB – Always Like This (Andhim remix) (Archive)

1 08 2013


Isolee – Allowance

31 07 2013

On Saturday the 28th of July at round 7:35 am in Dalston, London, after a night of 1920’s dress, roulette table-ing, vodka martini’s and electro swing jives, I slumped and glided to the sound of Isolee’s “Allowance”. It has such measure, such grace, such balance, teetering and tormenting. The piano echoes, holding you, sustaining you, massaging your mind and your soul. You drift and drop to the non-stop melodic felony. Yet, there is an undercurrent of grit, a shutter sound that holds the piece together. When I heard this, I felt liberated, I felt unified, I felt at peace. So sit back and enjoy, if you ever need a post jam tune, this is the one.


isolee aloow

Roshambo by Free People

10 07 2013

Summer has finally arrived in London town! When the sun escapes the clouds, good things seem more accessible. Summer is a time for living, for loving, for experiencing and experimenting. This relaxed, beautiful atmosphere is exuded from the film, Roshambo. The shortness of the film really adds an intensity and intimacy as we are drawn into the lives of these two Brooklyn lovers. The montage style merges fantastic cinematography with beautiful music. This intenseness creates a very tight and believable narrative and while you watch a smile cannot but be impressed on your face. Specifically, the shot of the lovers kissing with the sun behind them though the window particularly deserves a mention. It is as if the sun itself acts almost as a tangible, ethereal ball of love that is created through the lover’s connection. This idea relates to work by John Donne, “The Sun Rising” which can be read here: I feel that this short really does embody the beauty of romance in an urban environment; it is spontaneous, yet stylish. Romantic, but rough. I think we all hope for a bit more of Roshambo in our lives.



David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

25 06 2013

So a master of film has tried his hand at music. David Lynch’s inventive and surrealist presentation of the world has crossed into multi-artistic disciplines. Like, all of Lynch’s work there is plenty of room for personal exploration and interpretation. The song “Crazy Clown Time”, similarly gives the audience that voice. Do the characters convey some of Lynch’s childhood memories, or are they a contemporary commentary on the society that he perceives? Lynch’s authorial voice throughout reminders us that he is the ultimate puppet-master, director, God in his own world.  The music video itself seems  imperative when combined with the music. I shall leave the rest of the analysis to you. Weird and wonderful, strange and stimulating, I think the title says it all.



On How to Feel Better by Joshua Kang

14 06 2013


On How to Feel Better

Step 1. Drive somewhere

Step 2. Get a late night snack

Step 3. Play your favourite album

Step 4. Do the laundry

Step 5. Drink juice after a bad dream

Step 6. Spend time with friends

Step 7. Do stupid things

Step 8. Meet new people

Step 9. Make a cup of coffee

Step 10. Read

Step 11. Play your favourite album over and over

Step 12. Be loved

Step 13. Be loved again

Step 14. Be loved again

… Step 51. Be loved again

On how to feel better

After being heartbroken

Some very sound advice. Created with fantastic cinematography, this short really does pull at the emotions. Stylistic and beautiful in conception, a truly sublime short.


Pongo – Alice

27 05 2013

‘A wonderland of chords and voices recorded from the classic Disney film Alice In Wonderland’.


Vondelpark – Camels

25 05 2013

Describing their musical style as ‘Radiohead quiet storm’, this newly formed 3-piece band from London manage to create a distinctively dreamy sound. It’s not exactly party music, but really hits the spot on a quiet night in.


Iron & Wine – Boy With a Coin

15 05 2013

Iron & Wine go electronic. Don’t skip the end.


José Gonazlez – How Low – A Take Away Show

25 04 2013

A refreshingly raw performance from the talented Swedish singer-songwriter, José Gonzalez. Click on the link below the video to watch more live acoustic performances produced by ‘A Take Away Show’ – Bon Iver’s performances are nothing short of incredible.