A Family Portrait by Joseph Pierce

29 07 2013

This short attracted me firstly because of its quality but also because of its content. The family we are presented reminded me of many families at my school. Happy in exterior, yet lonely in interior.  A family portrait that unravels and reveals the murky troubles that riddles many families. Pierce’s exaggerated grotesque animation severs the cloak that all families must wear when placed under the scrutiny of the social spotlight. The idea of a family portrait is to emit a safety, to create a façade, a character that delivers, much like a fairytale or cheery musical. However, this is not reality, we see the truth, we see a portrait that is already cracked, we see a family that is fractured and split.

Pierce is a fantastic film-maker, his other shorts “The Pub” and “Stand up” too are outstanding. More analysis of his work in the not too distant future.


family port

Extranjero by The Queen

19 07 2013

Interesting, beautiful and captivating. Extranjero ask the viewer more questions than it gives answers. Shot in just in just over two days, the London Sundance winning short provides a visually spectacular, strong cinematic storytelling short. It’s poignancy in current affairs and thought provoking nature presents social issues in relation to the ostracising and exclusion of immigrants in a foreign environment. Directed by London based Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell, this film will not let you down.

Write any interpretations in the comments below.


The Lady of Shalott 1888 by John William Waterhouse 1849-1917

Be Near Me by John X. Carey

10 04 2013

Such emotion is conveyed in just over a minute. Creative and beautiful in its appearance, this short will bring a smile and a tear. It’s delicacy and preciseness of shot translates the tragic love story to an aesthetic delight. Based off the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem “In Memoriam” which can be read here:


This tiny film really has the power to move physically, spiritually and most importantly emotionally. Visually spectacular, yet is more than just a pretty face, it has a soul filled with charm, romance and sadness.



The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Yes Please

3 04 2013

A macabre reflection on the finiteness of life, we are guided though the “weighty” moments of an individual. This animated stop-motion picture effortlessly prods us to remember the exquisiteness and precious nature of life and how we are continuously ticking towards The End.  Eye catching and thought provoking, no wonder it is BAFTA winning.


Ellington Kid by Dan Sully

2 04 2013

A thrilling, black comedy that for 4 minutes will have you gripped. Gritty and inventive you are transported to a London Kebab shop to observe a modern battlefield, layered in knives, burgers and blood. Hilarious and dark, you watch a truly stylish and captivating piece of work that tickles both ends of the emotional spectrum.


Death to the Tinman by Ray Tintori

11 03 2013

A contemporary view of the great children’s tale creates a stylistic, archaic presentation, enforcing a multifaceted thematic commentary of culture and politics.

‘Bill loves Jane, the pastor’s daughter. When Bill becomes a threat to the community, the pastor is forced to curse his ax. One of the most stylish & kinetic films of the true indie era. (Made by Court 13, the team behind Beasts of the Southern Wild)’

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